Should You Be Trapped in a Windless Land is the 1st act of Venti's story quests. In order to unlock this quest line, the player must have reached Adventure Rank 36, completed Trifolium Act I, and possess 1 Story Key.

Arriving in Mondstadt, the Traveler and Paimon find Nora playing around with an imaginary friend. Paimon is perplexed and asks the Traveler if they have one, but they tell her that they have been long gone. Just then, they encounter Venti, who is carrying a special device that Lisa made with materials imported from Sumeru. He states that it is a "nirnama detector" and that he is using it is using as Lisa is too busy to do so herself. Venti gives the detector to the Traveler, who then begins seeing the childrens' imaginary friends.

After checking on both Flora and Timmie's imaginary friends, the three decide to head to Angel's Share to see if adults have any imaginary friends. Unsurprisingly, the adults don't have any, so they decide to go to Ellin, who's imaginary friend is Jean. Ellin wishes to become strong like Jean and asks the Traveler to demonstrate how to clear a large amount of enemies in an instant. The Traveler gives her a demonstration, leaving her impressed. Ellin then asks the Traveler to send a message to Jack at the Temple of the Lion.

Arriving at the temple, they find Jack and Stanley being attacked by a Cryo Abyss Mage and some Hilichurls. After defeating them, they tell Jack that Ellin will be unable to attend their next adventure. Stanley becomes upset at the thought that they don't know about his deeds and tells them about a story about how he and his partner reached the Mare Jivari. Venti notices something is off and the Traveler uses the detector, finding that Stanley is hiding something about his story as they spot that he has an imaginary friend. Stanley then excuses himself.

With Stanley gone, Jack tells the three that he wishes to claim the Sword of Brilliant Valor and Shield of Magnificent Honor as they were once Vennessa's and that Stanley had owned them before discarding them at Dadaupa Gorge. Jack states that his parents don't agree with his aspirations, hoping that obtaining the equipment will prove his parents wrong. As they make their way to the gorge, Stanley is revealed to have been listening in on them.

Heading to the gorge, they accidentally interrupt a hilichurl ceremony, but seize the sword regardless. Venti realizes that the sword has nothing special, but convinces Jack that it is the sword he is looking for. As they begin to look for the shield, the three spot Stanley, but Jack fails to notice him. Continuing on, they find the shield, but it is nothing more than a broken piece of a wine barrel. Venti convinces Stanley that it is what he is looking for, but a hilichurl is guarding the shield.

The Traveler is able to negotiate with the hilichurl or drives it off depending on their approach to the situation to claim the shield. As Jack runs off to tell his parents of his exploits, Venti notices Stanley. Paimon and the Traveler realize that Stanley is a fraud as he bids them farewell on his "stroll". Venti notes that Stanley cannot let go of the past and gave up in the present, wondering where they would go in such a situation. Regardless, he asks the Traveler to meet him at Angel's Share.

Arriving at the tavern, they find Stanley in a depressive state. Stanley bemoans over Stanley's untimely demise, where Venti realizes that Stanley's exploits and tragedy was real, but Stanley in the story was the real one, while the one before them is a fake. Stanley tries to dismiss the three, but Jack comes in and tells them that his parents now support his decision, even if he will only travel around Mondstadt for the time being. He thanks Stanley for the help, before noticing he is drunk and leaves to hear more exploits the next day.

With Jack gone, Stanley thanks the three for not revealing that he is a fraud to him, as he knows that Jack's adventuring spirit is pure and unblemished unlike his. He does not want to crush Jack's dreams, while noting that he is slowly forgetting Stanley's personality and life, which he considers to be his biggest fear. Despite this, he still bemoans the fact that Stanley's soul will never return to Mondstadt as he died in a windless place. Stanley slips into another depressive state, stating that an adventurer should never go out in such a way.

Seeing no other way to bring Stanley back to his normal self, Venti reveals himself as Barbatos, calling Stanley by his true name, Hans Archibald. Bringing in a breeze from Mare Jivari, Venti asks Hans to give Stanley's soul to him, allowing Stanley's spirit to finally move on in peace. Hans thanks Barbatos for giving him closure, as he can now connect with his true self while Jack becomes an aspiring adventurer. Venti then heads to Jack's place to collect his wine, telling the Traveler to meet him at the "usual place". Diluc is moved by the scene and hopes that Stanley's tales will continue to live on.

Arriving at the designated spot, the Traveler finds Venti and his drink, which is simply a bottle of regular cider. Venti states that the view brings him back, before explaining that in the old Mondstadt (the present-day Stormterror's Lair), the Anemo Archon at the time was Decarabian, who sealed off the city with a ferocious hurricane. Venti was a basic wisp at the time with no form, and that the current form he takes was that of a friend. Paimon inquires as to what happened to Venti's friend, but the Traveler is able to deduce that Venti's friend, the unnamed bard, had died while liberating Mondstadt from Decarabian. The Traveler sends an oblivious Paimon off to get food, much to her anger. As the two talk, Venti sees the Traveler as a true friend and that it is bringing back fond memories, reciting a short song his friend had sung for him.