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After soooo long, thanks to Gictorbit on GitHub, I finally found a way to install Adobe Photoshop CC 19 on Ubuntu 20.04.

Before we continue, make sure you use 64bit version of Ubuntu and I assume you already familiar on how to install applications on Ubuntu Linux. Also prepare lot of internet packet data, you'll need it.



Run the following command on Terminal


1. Requirements

Make sure wine, winetricks, and aria2 are installed, use the following command to install them

$ sudo apt install wine winetricks aria2 libncurses5 libncurses5:i386 --fix-missing


2. Download latest script

$ cd /tmp/

$ wget

$ unzip -d photoshopCClinux && cd photoshopCClinux/photoshopCClinux-master/scripts


3. Install

$ ./

During installation please pay attention to script messages

NOTE : make sure OS version in wine is on windows 7


4. Notes

If you experiencing any issue using tools like "Liquify Tools" in Photoshop, it's probably because of the Graphic Card.

The workaround for this is to disable the usage of Graphic Card and only use CPU for image processing. Klick [Ctrl + K] or go to Edit -> Preferences -> Performance tab -> uncheck "use Graphic Processor".


You can also install Adobe Camera Raw

$ ./